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Super Seals’ exclusive Rain Deflector is the ideal solution to keep your docks dry in inclement weather. The Rain Deflector provides a perfect seal from the dock to the trailer roof which directs the rain off to the sides. The result of this equals safer working environment and reduced cargo damage or contamination. Your workers will also be happy with their improved conditions.

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Key Product Highlights:

  • Available in three models, the RD-10, RD-11 and the RD-12. They all can be used with out without a dock seal.
  • The rain deflector has a standard unit projection of 34” and a standard header curtain drop of 36”.
  • Impact ends are reinforced with PVC coating and material made of woven multifilament polyester.
  • The Rain Deflector will swing up as trucks reverse to the loading dock providing a seal to the top of the trailer.
  • Eliminates wet, slippery conditions on docks & helps protect product from damage.
  • Flexible rotating pad compresses across top of trailer providing a tight seal, keeping the wet weather outside while maintaining indoor climate.
  • Cover material – Exclusive SS90-1 (40oz. Vinyl) with tough Monofilament cover on outside edges.
  • Header canopy made with pressure treated wood frame with galvanized side support frames.
  • Easy to install with no maintenance required.


Product Documents:

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