Two-Post Trailer Stand

Two-Post Trailer Stand


The IRONguard exclusive Two-Post Trailer Stand does what no single post can do. With twin, weight-bearing posts; one positioned on either side of the trailer, the Two-Post Trailer Stand helps eliminate both trailer up-ending and trailer tip-over.

Two-Post Trailer Stand

Key Product Features:

  • Up to 100,000 lbs Static Load Capacity (45,359 kg) (50,000 lbs per post (22,678 kg)
  • 6” diameter supporting pads (152 mm)
  • 10” diameter wheels (254 mm)
  • Easy to position
  • Twin-Spin Levelling System
  • Comes with self-contained transportation cart
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Maximum – 49-1/2″ (1257mm)
  • Minimum – 38-1/2″ (978mm)

Product Documents:

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