(Outdoor) Portable Barrier Systems, safety anywhere and anytime. IRONguard Portable Safety Zone quickly creates a safe and complete barrier zone in any outdoor applications. This Barrier System is easily transportable for convenient usage in different areas. There is a simple setup and take-down process as well, a very slim design that take little space and allows for easy storage of the system. RapidRoll™ creates a visual barrier in minutes. The RapidRoll™ is designed for ease of use and efficiency, this portable fencing system is designed to be quickly set up by one worker.

Iron Guard Outdoor Portable Barrier System -Portable Barrier Systems

Key Product Features:

  • Secures an outdoor worksite, hazard zone or maintenance area in minutes.
  • Ultra portable and can be set up and taken down quickly and safely by just one worker.
  • Easier site securement means less set up time and more efficient work time.
  • Quickly creates a clearly defined protective zone that keeps workers and civilians protected.
  • Designed for ease of use and efficiency.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • Manually wheel or carry RapidRoll™ to the required location.
  • Position the posts and base pads at the desired location.
  • Unlock the fence and extract around the posts.
  • Quick link into cartridge system or the end post.
  • Follow these steps in reverse to retract the fence and move to another location.

Product Documents:

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