Rack Guard protects warehouse racking from impact. Engineered to withstand vertical load, warehouse racking is extremely vulnerable to forklift impact or even being ‘nicked’ by a fork while stowing or retrieving warehoused goods. When racking fails, the risk of injury and costly damage is significant. IRONguard’s rack protection options offer different levels of protection based on your facility’s needs.

Guarding Products - Rack Guard

Key Product Features:

  • Rack Guards prevent racking collapse due to forklift-rack impact that can be severe.
  • Prevents potential injury and inventory loss with a structural steel solution that can offer all around protection for racking.
  • IRONguard Racking Guards prevent reversing impact
  • Accidental fork contact prevented
  • Available for standard and heavy-duty environments
  • Protects uprights and angle racking members
  • Bright visual presence catches the eye and reduces the chances of accidents
  • Simple installation

Product Documents:

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