Column Guard are essential to ensuring that the structural building support columns are secured against impact. The structural building supports are engineered to support the immense vertical load required to hold up the roof.  An impact – like that from a 15,000 lb forklift – puts stress on the column in a way it is not engineered to endure. Wrapping a column to cushion an impact is a risky solution that can still put significant stress on the column. IRONguard’s strategy is designed to keep the roof overhead, by BLOCKING potentially devastating impact.

Guarding Products - Column guard

Key Product Features:

  • Column guards provide 360 protection from there being any sort of accidental impact with building supports
  • IRONguard Column Guards prevent impact while reversing
  • Column guards prevent accidental fork impact as the guards rise above the recommended travel height of forks for moving forklifts.

Product Documents:

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