All-Rite Dock & Door Systems offers a full-range of industrial dock and scissor lifts to suit every application. The following two sections are the most common lifts. If you have any questions regarding which dock or scissor lift that best suits your needs or have any questions, please call us directly at  (905) 840-4848 or Toll Free: (888) 704-7409.

Lift Table - Low Profile S


The LoMaster™ Dock Lift ED Series from Blue Giant provides a safe and efficient way to handle endless materials handling applications at grocery stores, schools, hospitals, postal services and distribution centers, anywhere a low-profile workhorse is required.

IN Plant Lift - Single Scissor Lift


The LoMaster™ S-Series semi-portable dock lift is installed at the dock face and mounted on locating cradles and wear plates, bypassing the need to form a concrete pit or pad. With its low profile, the LoMaster™ S-Series provides added versatility for ground level loading or unloading operations.

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