Air Curtains

Air Curtains

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Air Curtains keep unconditioned air, fumes and dust from entering through open doorways, save energy and create healthy comfortable environments. Because Berner Air Curtains from Super-Seal employ the correct balance of Volume, Velocity and Uniformity, an unheated unit has an average payback of two years or less!

Air Curtains - Super-Seal

Key Product Highlights:

  • Can be installed suspended from ceiling, around door tracks, wall mounted or vertically mounted along the side of the opening.
  • When the door opens, automatic door switch will activate the air curtain. When door closes, air curtain will be deactivated
  • Creates a more comfortable environment for employees and customers
  • Saves energy, by keeping the heating and cooling inside the building
  • Allows easy access through openings, increasing productivity and safety
  • Improves indoor air quality by keeping fumes, insects and dust out
  • Reduces door maintenance due to stabilizing the conditions around the opening

Ideal Applications:

  • Grocery stores, retail applications, new construction
  • Loading Docks/ Industrial Units
  • Food service industry – kitchens, drive-thru; reducing dust contaminants and ideal for temperature sensitive settings
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