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The 0401A Stationary inflatable dock shelter has an air-tight seal that is the perfection option for any door opening required for a wide variety of trailer widths and heights up to 10’ W x 11’ H. The exclusive “Rip Stop” fabric ensures greater resistance to wear and tear that is normally found on standard dock shelters. The 0401A also blocks bad weather conditions, insects, dust, and dirt, in turn this gives years of trouble free service while saving money on energy costs. Inflatable truck shelters also help in productivity of a business by providing safety, protecting personnel, products and equipment.

Truck Shelter - SuperSeal 0401A

Key Product Highlights:

  • Series 0401A standard dimensions for door openings up to 10’10”W x 11’H are 11’6” W x 11’10” H (O.D.) with a 24” projection, 48” header air bag drop, and two (2) vertical air bags (one per side) with 24” inward projection when inflated.
  • Seals trailers 10’6” to 13’6” high from grade with a dock height of 48”. Also seals trailers with widths from 7’6” W.
  • With a unique patented design, The 0401A consist of two vertical air bags secured to a top grade galvanized tubular framework covered with 26 gauge galvanized steel cladding.
  • Vertical seals are complete with inflatable bottom corner seals with brass plated grommets for venting and to assist in moisture drainage.  When not in use, the vertical air bags are stored behind a reinforced vinyl curtain with built-in fiberglass for strength and rigidity.
  • Inflatable header air bag to be full unit width, mounted in front of vertical air bags onto galvanized tubular steel frame.
  • Unit is inflated by turning switch on and deflates automatically when unit is turned off by means of an internal pulley and retraction arm system for the verticals and a torsion roller assembly for the header.

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