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Engineered to work best where doors are over 9’ H and/or where trailers vary in height, the 0201 is an economical way to form an air tight seal between a building and the trailer for dock openings up to 10’ W x 12’ H. Also available with adjustable split head curtain that can be easily positioned by one person from inside the building by means of rope and pulley after the trailer is in position. The series 0201 Dock Seal will also protect personnel, product and equipment while increasing comfort, safety and productivity.

SuperSeal 0251

Key Product Highlights:

  • Standard dimensions for door openings 8′ W. x 10′ H. has two 10′ high vertical pads with a 12“ face, wedge shape and (1) one 10‘long head curtain with a 24“ drop.
  • Unit projection is 10”. Seals trailer(s) 12′ to 13’6” H from grade with a dock height of 48”.
  • 201 Dock Seals are manufactured using kiln-dried wood and high grade, dense, light weight urethane foam core with 98% compression recovery and maintaining flexibility at -40° (fire retardant formula available).
  • Cover fabric shall be double stitched with high strength twisted 4 ply 100% polyester bonded, U.V. treated thread.
  • Vertical pads are vented through brass plated grommets. Air is exhausted and moisture is able drain. Vertical pads are tapered cut at the top to provide adequate drainage.
  • The head curtain has a 4” D x 18” H x required Length urethane foam pad wrapped in a polyethylene sleeve and inserted into a specially constructed pocket on the face of the curtain.
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