Overhead Doors – Springless Doors

Springless Safedrive Operators and Doors are virtually maintenance free and are ideal for a variety of versatile applications where you need to limit down time…

  • Springless Safedrive Operators are suitable for balanced and unbalanced sectionals, rolling steel doors, rolling grilles, and hi-speed fabric doors.
  • They are maintenance free, self monitoring, and have excellent damping characteristics for smooth and quiet door operation.
  • Standard maintenance items such as limit and level, without the use of a lift.
  • Provide safety for failure of reducer and operates independent of speed or direction.
  • Capable of trouble free operating speeds of up to 100”/sec. when used in hi-speed door applications.

Using only high quality proven components, the system can move any standard door face up to 24” per second on the open cycle. Now your project can have almost any appearance you need combined with the proven high speed drive system to give years of trouble free service and energy savings.

Local manufacturing and inventory ensure parts and service availability to minimize costs.

Mounting for Springless Doors:

  • Mounting is either bracket or wall mount depending on the application.
  • The Springless design requires no centre mounting supports and eliminates the cost of spring replacements.

Energy Savings Solutions with Springless Overhead Doors

The chart shows the relative performance of the SDI Springless System, as compared to a high speed fabric door and a standard sectional door, when installed on the exterior of a building.

Please note: These calculations are based on industry standards for comparison purposes. Actual results will vary depending on building location and other factors. The energy savings are obvious.

For further details on Springless Doors please call us directly at (905) 840-4848 or Toll Free: (888) 704-7409 , the various brochures will be posted soon.

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