The ROLLING STEEL (INSULATED) – COOKSON CORNELL – ESD20 (Cookson Thermiser) is built to maintain proper temperatures and reduce unwanted sound transmissions. These exterior use doors, assist in differentiating two separate temperatures on opposite sides of the door, ideal when the building requires not only climate control but security and durability. A low maintenance door which provides low life cycle expenses. Foam insulation offers superior protection against inclement weather, heightened security and lower noise transmission.

Insulated - Cookson Cornell ESD20

Key Product Features:

  • Product warrantied for 50,000 cycles as standard.
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating is up to 32 for the entire assembly.
  • Galvanized steel curtain with matching hood, featuring GalvaNex™ polyester enamel finish in four standard colours.
  • Flame Spread Index of 0 and a Smoke Developed Index of 10 as tested per ASTM E84.
  • The slat has an R-value of 8.0 as calculated using the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.

Slat Profile:

  • Flat

Slat Thickness:

  • 20 gauge standard, also available in 18, 22 and 24 gauge

Slat Insulation:

  • Insulated, with an R-value of 8.0

Maximum Opening Size:

  • 30’ x 30’

Operation Type:

  • Motor
  • Chain
  • Crank
  • Manual push-up

Colour Options:

  • Standard Colours are Grey, Tan, Brown & White
  • SpectraShield® Powder Coating in more than 180 colors

Product Documents:

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