Rolling Counter Shutters – Cookson – ESC20 are an attractive and unobtrusive option to secure finished openings. The model ESC20 features an integral frame and sill. These shutters’ integral frames and sills are compatible with rated and non-rated walls. Easy to install, these slip-in units can be set into existing walls with no exposed edges. This space-saving product’s concealed tubular motor delivers a solution for strict opening limitations. Can be used in both interior and exterior openings and by incorporating compact components, they offer a more streamlined look than traditional rolling shutters and doors.

Rolling Counter Shutters – Cookson – ESC20

Key Product Features:

  • Compatible in masonry or drywall openings from 4″ to 13″ thick.
  • Galvanized steel hood and curtain with GalvaNex™ polyester enamel finish in four standard colours.
  • Interlocking roll-formed flat-faced slats with endlocks riveted to the ends of alternating slats to maintain curtain alignment and prevent wear.
  • Two piece clear anodized extruded aluminum guides, in clear anodized finish with polypropylene pile runners.
  • Bottom bar features clear anodized extruded aluminum equipped with vinyl astragal/weather seal. Lock mechanisms available.

Slat Profile:

  • Flat

Slat Thickness:

  • 22 gauge

Slat Insulation:

  • Non-insulated

Maximum Opening Size:

  • 21’ 4” x 10’

Operation Type:

  • Motor
  • Crank
  • Manual push-up

Colour Options:

  • Standard Colours are Grey, Tan & White
  • SpectraShield® Powder Coating in more than 180 colors

Product Documents:

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