FIRE RATED ROLLING STEEL (INSULATED) – COOKSON – ERC20, UL certified for up to 3 hours, are custom built to fit the exact opening required.  These shutters will close quickly to the sill and can be UL labeled for 1.5 hours on the integral frame and sill. Patented AlarmGard® shutters can be configured to the organization’s fire alarm control panel or the local smoke detectors. Once notified by electrical signal, they can close safely and reliably.  The optional SmokeShield® feature conforms to UL1784 and assures that smoke will be contained with the fire and not spread rapidly throughout the facility, allowing safe egress for its occupants.

Fire Rated Rolling Steel Insulated Cookson ERC20

Key Product Features:

  • Galvanized steel hood and curtain with GalvaNex™ polyester enamel finish in four standard colours.
  • Interlocking roll-formed flat-faced slats with endlocks riveted to the ends of alternating slats to maintain curtain alignment and prevent wear.
  • Steel supported counter-balanced shaft include torsion springs for assisting operation.
  • Guides are made of structural steel, and are powder coated to match curtain. Angles bolt to the wall and support the weight of the door.
  • Bottom bar features clear anodized extruded aluminum equipped with vinyl astragal/weather seal. Lock mechanisms available.

Slat Profile:

  • Flat

Slat Thickness:

  • 22 gauge

Slat Insulation:

  • Non-insulated

Maximum Opening Size:

  • If max height is less than or equal to 7’ 6” then max width is 16’
  • If max height is less than or equal to 10’ then max width is 12’

Operation Type:

  • Motor
  • Tubular Motor
  • Chain
  • Crank

Colour Options:

  • Standard Colours are Grey, Tan & White
  • SpectraShield® Powder Coating in more than 180 colors

Product Documents:

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