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The “ALL STAR 75” Impact Door is the ideal option for interior openings up to 8′ x 9′ and is food grade approved. This solid wood core door is ideal where privacy into restricted areas and appearance is a consideration.

General Purpose Impact Door - Super-Seal All Star 75

Key Product Highlights:

  • There is a large selection of outer finishes that are available. The selections include laminate, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel or 1/8” ABS.
  • Super Seal’s All Star 75 Impact door come equipped with the standard “Smooth Swing” hinges that are the most ideal for supermarkets, retail store, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, and processing plant applications.
  • The wood core allows for privacy, security and outstanding environmental control which in turn will save he company money on energy costs.
  • There is an optional full gasketing which provides an extra protection against the possibility of corrosion.

Product Documents:

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