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Super “Tuff” Rigid Insulated Impact Door. Engineered for door opening up to 10’ W x 10’ H, Series 4700 withstands a wide variety of traffic while providing unmatched hinge protection in wash down areas. The heavy duty type hinge hardware is fully enclosed within a one-piece 1/8’ thick metal profile. Th robust 1-3/4” thick panels are strong enough to withstand forklift traffic yet light weight enough for pedestrian traffic. Ideal for supermarkets, retail stores. Processing plants, warehouses and refrigerated applications.

Industrial Impact Door - Super-Seal Series 4700

Product Details:

  • Fully enclosed self-aligning hinge system with spring tension
  • Food grade approved
  • Textured ABS panels resist dents, scuffs and abrasions. Injected foam insulation adds rigidity and strength
  • All hardware corrosion resistant
  • Complete stainless steel option available
  • Recommended door jamb: Steel frame mounted to a solid foundation, 4’ W x ¼” thick (Model 4701) or 6’ W x ¼” thick (Model 4702)
  • Custom sized available
  • Different colours available on different sides to suit application

Model 4701 & 4702 – Product Documents:

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