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Flexible rubber impact door. Engineered for door openings up to 10’ W x 10’ H, the Series 4000 is designed to withstand the abusive heavy duty traffic within an industrial setting. The rugged v-cam hardware is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Adjustable spring to compensate for negative pressure. The tough ½” thick, gravity suspended, rubber panels flex to absorb impact, protecting loads and equipment from damage. The optimal large vision area assures fast, safe flow and maximum personnel safety even in high volume traffic areas. The Series 4000’s large center overlap assures a minimum of air loss thus saving money and energy costs.

Industrial Impact Door - Super-Seal Series 4000

Key Product Features:

  • Will suit any door opening size up to and including 10’ W x 10’ H
  • Suitable for high volume, high speed motorized traffic
  • The flexible rubber panels absorb the overwhelming part of the impact, greatly reducing stress on the opening framework, and thus eliminating the need for spring bumpers
  • The rugged v-cam hardware is virtually maintenance free
  • Transoms available for doors higher than 10’ 6” W x ¼” thick steel frame mounted to a solid foundation is recommended for proper anchoring
  • “Gravity Suspended” panels eliminates warping
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