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The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL 19 FOOD-MASTER allows you to select only the stainless steel options your application requires.  Able to conform with all industry requirements, the following components are available in stainless steel, making it possible to conveniently build a Food-Master door without paying for unnecessary stainless options:  Roll tube / shaft,  door / motor cover,  guide tracks and all hardware.

Horman Interior High Speed Door Model SC1400

Key Product Features:

  • up to 14’0″ wide x 16’0″ high.
  • Two effective panel materials are available on the Food-Master.
  • The standard is a 40 oz. / sq. yard white nylon-reinforced, puncture resistant PVC, perfect for basic applications.
  • An optional 90 oz. / sq. yard 100 percent FDA approved white polyurethane panel material is available when optimum compliance is needed.  A vision area is unavailable with the 90 oz. material to maintain FDA acceptance.
  • With either material, the panel maintains stability via spring steel stiffeners located in completely sealed panel pockets.
  • Standard on the Food-Master is a light grid built into the guide tracks up to 8’0″ high.  Completely free of coil cords, the light grid provides a thorough wall of protection for personnel and equipment in the doorway, as compared to other doors that use only photocells.  The light grid also eliminates the need for a panel reversing edge, which is typically vulnerable to damage, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and downtime.  Amazingly, the light grid remains an effective protection device even following wash-down.
  • Opening: Up to 80″ per second. / Closing: 30″ per second.

Colour Options:

  • Pure White
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