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The HSR-007 high speed aluminum security door requires no hinges, cables, pulleys or tension springs. With door speeds of up to 54” per second to open and up to 30” per second to close. Double wall aluminum insulated slat provides durability and superior aesthetics up to 19’x19’. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

High Speed Doors - TNR - Model HSR

Key Product Highlights:

  • High Security insulated door system with springless operation
  • Up to 54 inches per second opening speed
  • Suitable for applications up to 19 feet wide and 19 feet high
  • Anodized aluminum exterior, foil-coated aluminum interior
  • Insulated rigid polyurethane foam core slat
  • Complete perimeter seals come included with each door
  • Frame-mounted thru-beam photoelectric sensor
  • Direct Drive System complete with Safedrive® combined with a safety brake
  • Soft Start – using Variable Frequency Drive technology

Product Documents:

High Speed Doors - TNR - Model HSR Sizing
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