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Recommended for exterior or interior door openings up to 33’0″ wide x 30’0″ high or 690 square feet, the Speed-Master® 4600 L is constructed of patented, interlocking aluminum hinges which act as integral wind bars, creating a sectional panel design that allows for panel stability and improved wind resistance.  Easy removal of panels allows for inexpensive replacement. A full-width vision area provides unobstructed viewing.  Since the Speed-Master® bottom bar consists of few parts, this does not need a tension system therefore, requiring less repair time and it can be replaced at a lower cost than comparable products.

Exterior high speed door HORMANN SM4600L

Key Product Features:

  • Companies that have a demanding industry such as manufacturing, mass transit, warehouse and waste management facilities will benefit from the simplicity and reliability of the Speed-Master® 4600 L.
  • The advanced design features zero moving parts within the guide track and direct-drive motor. Maintenance support is minimized for the walk-away dependability that busy operations desire.
  • As standard, this product has low profile heavy duty steel guide tracks that contain an 8’0” high light grid. The light grid allows for automatic reversal of the panel and eliminates the use of a coil cord.
  • The Speed-Master® eliminates the need for a panel reversing edge. Since eliminated, this results in a reduction in maintenance and downtime.
  • Full perimeter draft seals provide dust and odor containment as well as general environmental control.

Colour Options:

  • Black, Blue, Orange, Gray, White.

Product Documents:

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