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The Steel Ranger™ 9000 L is a class above traditional rolling steel doors. With a wind load rating up to 88 mph, direct-drive, springless operation, extremely strong panel and fast operating speeds, this high performance rolling steel door is the model to choose as an alternative to traditional rolling steel doors in high cycle applications. The extremely strong and durable Decotherm® steel panel slats are made of a polyurethane core, covered with a triple layered skin that consists of: a galvanized layer, and over that, a sheet steel layer, then another galvanized layer, and finally the surface finish. This layering process makes the panel extremely resistant to damage that is caused by transportation, installation and operation. Excellent thermal protection is ensured by the minimal thermal bridges that connect the slats and the use of a fine-pore rigid infill.

High Speed Door - Hormann - Model SR9000L

Key Product Features:

  • The springless design has very few moving parts, which results into maintenance free operation.
  • Built in light grid is fundamental within the low-profile guide tracks and protects personnel and goods from contact with the door.
  • Where there is limited clearance, such as a parking garage, the low headroom model will accommodate those type of applications.
  • The Decotherm® panel is a secure and energy efficient, only available from Hormann.
  • Emergency chain hoist for door operation during a power outage.
  • Ideal for: government, banks, parking garages, automotive retail, fire stations and emergency services, warehouses and distribution centers.

Colour Options:

  • With high thermal insulation properties and Stucco-textured exterior/interior surfaces, H-425U doors allow maximum protection against harsh environment and minimizes the formation of water condensation on the inside door surface.
  • Colour White
  • Custom Colors Also Available
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