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Interior Freezer & Cooler Doors – Model 887 ADV-Xtreme

Designed for thermal control and ideal for cold and food and beverage storage, Model 887 ADV-Xtreme features an insulated curtain with actively heated guides that ensures a uniform temperature and smooth door movement.‬‬

The innovative springless design requires minimal interruption for maintenance and the curtain comes pre-wrapped, ready for installation. Pre-wired motor, guide heater and air curtain connection and plug and play accessories help reduce the need for a licensed electrician.

Wayne Dalton Model 887

Door Options:

  • Multiple actuation options – push button, motion detector, radio control, key switch, pull switch, loop detector, treadle switch
  • Signaling devices – red/green LED warning light, horn/strobe combination, rotating warning light
  • Programmable LED Lighting Package – 3′ tall light bar with red, yellow, and green lights

Design Features:

Thermal Performance

  • Insulated curtain provides a barrier to prevent heat loss and condensation
  • Actively heated guides ensure the complete height of the guide has a uniform temperature for smooth door movement
  • Quad-sealed, insulated guides prevent guide condensation and conditioned air loss around the curtain

High Performance Design

  • Springless design requires minimal interruption for maintenance
  • Direct-mounted gear drive minimizes wear and tear
  • Variable frequency drive eliminates sudden jolts from door start/stop

Installer Friendly

  • Fully-assembled curtain arrives pre-wrapped and ready for installation
  • Breakaway bottom bar is easily reset from either side of the opening in case of accidental forklift contact
  • Pre-wired motor, guide heater and air curtain connection, and plug and play accessories reduce the need for a licensed electrician

Safety Focused

  • Two sets of safety photo eye sensors
  • Monitored wireless reversing edge


  • Cold Storage
  • Food and Beverage
  • Warehouse / Distribution


garage door warranty sealWayne Dalton offers a 5 year Limited Warranty on this door. Please reference the warranty document for details.

Colour Options:

White, Grey,  Red, Blue

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