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The Series 8500S is the optimum solution for quick access through openings. The 8500S is designed for high volume, high speed traffic in commercial, industrial, or refrigerated applications. A state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled variable frequency drive system allows the door to move at faster speeds than conventional doors. The 8500S provides an effective barrier against energy loss and sound, thereby improving productivity and employee comfort. 8500S doors are all equipped with standard reversing features for protection against injury. The 8500S is perfect for INTERIOR or EXTERIOR applications up to 26′ x 20′. The “S” door is faster than conventional doors with speeds up to 50” per second and a direct drive operator without the use of couplings, chains or clutches. Fully gasketed with smooth running wind rollers and a manual crank handle for manual operation, and removable hinged front frame are standard.

High Speed Door - Super-Seal - 8500S

Key Product Highlights:

  • The breakaway bottom bar repairs in seconds. The wireless bottom bar features a reversing edge and impact sensor that are virtually maintenance free. This saves time and money!
  • The “SuperEdge” Reversing System is completely water proof. Temperature change has little to no effect on its sensitivity. Result…reduced service calls!
  • The heart of the 8500 Series TURBO DRIVE System is its direct drive technology. No chains or clutches are used resulting in superior reliability. This high efficiency motor can operate at speeds up to 100” per second.
  • The “8500 Platinum” high speed door is quite simply the most technologically advanced door on the market today”.  Now with “SuperLogic III”, this control panel is fully programmable with a multi-functional LCD display that continually shows the status of the door. It features three language settings; English / Spanish / French, digitally controlled limit adjustment and simplified troubleshooting.


Product Documents:

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