All-Rite Dock & Door Systems is partnered with industry leading manufactures of high speed doors such as Super-Seal Doors, Hörmann Doors, TNR Doors and Wayne Dalton. The following five sections are the most common High Speed Doors: Fabric Doors, Rubber Doors, Rolling Steel Doors and Spiral/Sectional Doors. Each manufacture has specific models for both interior, interior/exterior or strictly exterior applications.  If you have any questions regarding which door product best suits your needs or have a service question please call us directly at (905) 840-4848 or Toll Free: (888) 704-7409.

TNR external high speed door

HIGH SPEED RUBBER DOOR (Exterior & Interior)

High speed rubber doors are the perfect combination of rugged durability with high performance drive systems. Rubber roll-up doors are built for demanding industrial and commercial applications ideal for harsh environments, door impact concerns, high wind load and pressure differential, and high traffic areas. Capable of quick opening and closing times, creating ease of operation while saving time.

Exterior High Speed Door Super-Seal 8500LC

HIGH SPEED FABRIC DOOR (Exterior & Interior)

High speed fabric doors are economical and versatile. Designed and engineered to be used indoors in high traffic and environmentally-controlled areas. These high speed fabric doors prevent any contaminants or unwanted air flow from occurring. Strutless design reduces noise creating smooth operation, that further reduces the need for maintenance and repair.

exterior high speed door HORMANN SG5000 CV 42

HIGH SPEED SPIRAL DOOR (Exterior & Interior)

High-speed spiral doors are used both inside and as exterior doors to optimize the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. Built-in anti-crash/crash-protection makes flexible high-speed doors extremely safe and economical. The fast spiral with double-skinned insulating panels for excellent insulation and is recommended as an external door.

Advanced Door Systems - model 800 adv

HIGH SPEED ROLLING STEEL (Exterior & Interior)

High speed rolling steel door are strong and durable for many different external and internal applications. Made from strong galvanized steel, rolling steel doors are able to withstand the toughest environments paired with fast operation speeds. Low profile and springless design is suitable and economical for various environments, to suit your needs.

High Speed Doors - TNR - Model HSR


High speed sectional doors are designed with energy saving panels that perfectly form together to create air tight seal. These strong steel panels allow for quick operation in high traffic areas, in addition to a variety of other types of environments. Ideal for exterior applications, sectional high-speed doors operate at high speeds while still providing the strength and power to function efficiently.

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