The Four-Fold door moves horizontally instead of moving vertically, that way the door is visible throughout the opening motion allowing the driver to know the precise second the doorway is clear to exit. This allows for quick and safe movement. It is common with overhead sectional and coiling steel doors for delivery vehicles, pick-up trucks or even passenger cars to begin driving through the door opening after losing sight of the bottom of the door, only to hit the bottom panel as they move through the opening. A collision of this type with make it impossible to operate the door (especially with telescoping and coiling steel doors, which cannot tolerate any denting or deforming of the slats). In contrast, the Four-Fold door can operate with similar abuse.

Four Fold Door

Key Product Features:

  • Ideal for fire stations, parking garages and auto dealerships.
  • Door clears the opening at an average speed of 24 inches per second. Conventional overhead and coiling doors operate between 8 to 12 inches per second.
  • The high-speed operation of the door minimizes heating and cooling losses and reduces wait time which in turn, increase productivity and energy efficiency.
  • Standard maintenance on the Four-Fold includes applying grease to hinges and operators.
  • With general yearly preventative maintenance this doors operators and components are made to perform over 1 million cycles. Whereas, the conventional sectional and coiling doors require constant spring and cable maintenance and replacement to keep them in a safe working condition.
  • There is a manual operation option for the Four-Fold door, the simple pull of a cord makes it quick and easy.
  • Four-Fold sallyport door is a necessity for high security installations. The heavy duty tube steel panels are available solid sheeted, glazed with security glass or inset with security of louvers.

Product Documents:

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