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Wayne Dalton’s 600 ADV grille is three times faster than a standard rolling grille with an opening time of 24” per second. Our springless design provides a smooth and reliable operation and ideal applications are high cycle or high traffic areas, such as parking garages, auto dealerships, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and airports. This door comes standard with a wear-resistant guide system featuring UHMW wear strips on both the outer and middle angles of the guides to significantly reduce curtain wear. The Advanced Rolling Grille System has a 60-month limited warranty on the motor and 24-month/300,000 cycle on the grille components.

Springless Aluminum Grill Model 600 ADV

Key Product Highlights:

  • Max Width: 30’4″
  • Max Height: 14′ 4″
  • Max Total Area: 240 ft² (Dependent upon the curtain material and pattern. Consult the factory for sizes not listed above).
  • Opening Speed: 24″ per second
  • Closing Speed: 12″ per second
  • Control Panel: Electronic variable frequency drive controller with microprocessor.
  • Curtain pattern: straight lattice or brick
  • Curtain material: Heavy-duty galvanized steel links and rods with mill aluminum spacer tube Mill aluminum link, galvanized steel rod with mill aluminum spacer tub
    Clear anodized aluminum link, galvanized steel rod with clear anodized aluminum spacer tube #4 or #2B stainless steel link, galvanized steel rod with stainless steel spacer tube
  • Guides: powder coat finish, zinc-enriched powder coat finish, stainless steel
    24-gauge powder coated steel, stainless steel with brush finish or powder coated aluminum
  • Actuators: Loop detectors, radio control, push buttons, motion detectors and pull cords.

Colour Options:

  • Clear anodized
  • Bronze anodized
  • Stainless steel
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