Dock Plate

Dock Plate


Increase loading dock operation productivity. This loading dock plate is strong and safe for a variety of non-powered loading applications. It adds economical safety, convenience and productivity to your operation. Able to withstand the weight of 2,500lbs to 6,200lbs depending on model.

Iron Guard Dockplate

Key Product Highlights:

  • Recommended for non-powered loading applications
  • Pallet trucks, carts, and two-wheelers ride smoothly over the machine-beveled deck edges
  • Resilient aluminum plate material offers 22% higher strength and hardness than conventional materials
  • Durable steel legs are bolted to the aluminum deck for extra strength and rigidity
  • Deck surface features a special non-slip diamond traction-grip tread
  • 11° bend provides a safe smooth transition into most trailers
  • Available with 3/8” or 1/2” thick plate (see chart)

CAPACITY is based upon the heaviest type of equipment used plus the maximum load carried times the single axle rating of total load. Dynamic loading, driver tendencies, speed and frequency of use must be considered. Steel (TS-series) dock plates are recommended for high use docks.

Product Documents:

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