Hydraulic Dock Leveler

THINK SAFETY! – Why Buy Hydraulic Dock Levelers vs. Mechanic Dock Leveler

The DLSS 300/400/600 Hydraulic Dock Leveler is the ultimate solution for all your cargo needs, with safety coming first.

Today, with the cost of health care, liability insurance, workers’ compensation cost and a focus on workers’ safety, why do so many architects, builders and customers still use mechanical or air-powered dock levelers instead of hydraulic dock levelers on their loading docks? In Europe, where safety has been a high priority for many years, virtually every pit-style dock leveler is hydraulic. Yet in the United States, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of the dock levelers sold in 2008 were mechanical. The other 50 percent were either air-powered or hydraulic.

Hydraulic dock levelers outperform mechanical and air-powered dock levelers in both safety and functionality. A hydraulic dock leveler comes with a main lifting hydraulic cylinder that is equipped with a built-in velocity fuse to protect against the dock leveler free-falling to the bottom of the pit. In the event the dock attendant was on the dock leveler when an unscheduled truck departure occurred, this feature would protect the attendant from injury. Mechanical and air-powered dock levelers, on the other hand, rely on mechanical fall-safe legs that only work when they are properly maintained and when the dock leveler is in an above dock position. In some instances the mechanical safety legs will not activate with sufficient speed. Because hydraulic dock levelers don’t require fall-safe legs, they are free to float with the trailer’s up and down movement during the loading/unloading process.

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Article: Michael J. Boyle


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