An economical method of protecting loading docks in low to medium traffic situations. Ideal for low to medium traffic loading docks in factories and warehouses. Can also be used as rub rails along the siding of truck wells and wall protection to absorb fork lift impacts.

Molded Bumper

Key Product Features:

  • Reinforced prime rubber of Durometer 75 (±5)
  • 98% (±2) impact recovery.
  • 8.3 N/mm2 (±0.5) Tensile Strength.
  • 500% (±20) Elongation.
  • 1.1 g/cm3 (±0.1) Density.
  • All molded bumpers have pre-drilled, countersunk mounting holes for easy installation, sized to accept 3/4″ anchor.

Models Available:

  • 2”, 3” or 6” projection
  • Horizontal or vertical projection (vertical generally offers the best projection)

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