All-Rite Dock & Door Systems Inc. remains open and committed to provide essential services (installation, repairs, and service) to all our customers to maintain safety and security of residences, businesses and the public including access controls for police, fire departments, and hospitals during this unprecedented time.all-rite-covid-19-announcement


We are planning, adapting, and implementing measures daily. In our best efforts to combat the virus, help contain it from spreading, and in order to remain open for business we have implemented an array of company-wide measures which includes;

Corporate Office

·     Visitor Restrictions

·     Disinfection Stations

·     COVID-19 Protocols posted on all access points to building

·     Work from Home Protocols

·     Relocation of Employee workstations to promote social distancing

·     Daily disinfecting of workspaces and common areas

Service Employees and Vehicles

·       Daily disinfection of vehicles

·       Isolation from other service crews and office staff

·       Face-to-Face protective gear (face shield, latex gloves)

·       Digital signature protocols (reduce cross contamination)

·       Social distancing

covid-19 spray
covid-19 gloves
covid-19 facemask
covid-19 digital signature


Primary Objective

Our primary objective is to provide a safe working environment both at our facility and our customer’s locations. We will continue to adhere to all Government mandates (from all levels) and Health Canada’s guidelines to ensure the health and safety for our employees and the public.

We remain open to assist with all your dock and door needs. We are an essential business, helping other essential businesses.

Please call 1-(888) 704-7409 / Local: (905) 840-4848 for service or any further questions. For online quotes, please click here.

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