Parking Blocks/Speed Bumps

Parking Blocks/Speed Bumps

SuperSealParkingBlocksIf you are looking for parking blocks and/or bumpers Super-Seal Mfg. Ltd has got you covered. We carry a variety of different barriers designed to prevent a car, truck or forklift from accidentally traveling too far forward and colliding with something that might cause costly cosmetic damage.


Now, if you are not a commercial parking lot owner you are probably asking, why do I want to install a bumper, or parking block? That’s a very good question for which there is a very good answer.


These simple barriers provide excellent protection against those careless mishaps that we all seem to find our selves in from time to time.


If you have ever driven into your garage a little too fast, or carelessly taken your foot off the break without putting the motorized vehicle into park and setting the emergency break you know what I’m talking about. Even at slow speeds a collision between your car and the wall, workbench or dock shelter can do serious and expensive cosmetic damage.


Accidents like this can be easily avoided. Simply add an easy to install rubber parking block and/or dock bumper to any dock shelter or work area, and you will never find yourself accidentally bumping into the wall or your workbench.  This is because parking blocks and dock bumpers stop your car before it collides with anything.


The reason parking blocks are so widely used in commercial parking lots is because they work. The simple barrier prevents a car from accidentally traveling too far at low speeds. Our parking blocks and bumpers work exactly the same, except they are made from recycled rubber. This means they are lighter and easier to move, and it also makes them much less expensive.



Durable, Modular & Colourful

-Solid special anti-chip/anti-crack parking blocks out last concrete equivalent
-Resistant to oil, gas, salt, sunlight & chemicals
-(3) different solid bright colours & UV treated for ultimate durability
-Made of 100% recycled plastic



speedBumpcropSPEED BUMPS
Economic, Modular & Light Weight

-Reduces speed in high traffic areas
-Sectional pieces join easily to fit any area
-Weather resistant, composite material for protection from salt, freeze and thaw.
-Made of Recycled PVC.








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