Lift Tables

Lift Tables

Our line of scissor lift tables is engineered and built to suit many different applications.

Our engineering department uses the latest in modern computer technology, applying ergonomic principles to ensure every scissor lift meets the customer’s specifications and requirements.

Our flexibility in custom design ensures that even the slightest modifications are incorporated. We constantly strive to provide our customers with unparalleled quality products.

  • Our ‘LDS’ (loading dock) series provides the answers to low dock heights or ground loading and unloading situations.
  • Our ‘SSL’ (standard scissor lift) table offers many solutions for material handling within the production area. It can also be customized to meet many specific requirements.
  • Our ‘SLS’ (super lift series) table is designed for heavy industrial applications. Heavy-duty structural rectangular tube scissor legs provide maximum platform stability for side and end loads.

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