Industrial Gates

Industrial Gates

Folding Security Gates

Our expandable folding security gates are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential use. They offer a visual deterrent and physically block intruders and secure your inventory from theft. Expandable folding security gates are cost effective, strong, decorative and easy to install and operate. The product is finished in a hard shell, high-gloss, rust resistant, baked epoxy coating that will provide a lasting look for years. The added benefit is that these barriers compact and stow away during business hours and can be hidden from view.

The scissor design allows for a wide range of applications like windows, doors, loading docks, between posts or bollards, and tracking systems. The may be a fixed installation or portable models are also available allowing for greater versatility. Large availability of stock sizes enables us to install quickly. Expandable folding security gates are suitable for warehouses, distribution centres, manufacting plants, shopping malls, retail stores and sporting events. Our popular fold away security gates are:

  • ISO 9002
  • High Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Strong
  • Long lasting
  • Provide excellent Air Flow
  • Suitable for Interior and Exterior applications

“Smash and grab” thefts commonly occur in North America, cameras and alarms are not adequate deterrents for this type of theft. The growing popularity has also impacted insurance premiums. Protect your business and inventory from intruders or “smash and grab” break-ins while maintaining visibility. These gates are also ideal for restricting entry or movement while allowing free flow of air.

Fold away security gates require little time to install and virtually no maintenance. They are also known as Collapsible Gates, Lattice Gates, Lattice Grilles, Folding Gates, Folding Grilles, Expanding Gates, Retractable Gates, Retractable Grilles and Concertina Gates or Concertina Grilles.

All-Rite supplies, installs and services expandable folding security gates in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke and surrounding area.

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