Aluminium Grilles

Aluminium Grilles

All-Rite’s specializes in creating custom grilles, counter doors and shutter doors. Our goal is to provide an appealing closure for any given area; working together to ensure safe, secure options for your products and/or services.

Counter Doors
All-Rite Counter Doors are not standard doors reduced in size. Every component is proportionately designed to provide a finished appearance for a counter door opening.

Our beautifully tailored counter doors are used extensively in schools, offices, stores, hospitals, stadiums and convention centers.

Counter Doors with Sill and Trim
A single, completely unitized frame and curtain can be custom built for a counter opening, pass or ticket window. The counter door may be specified as fire-rated or non-fire-rated, and is available with galvanized steel or stainless steel curtain.

Wood Counter Doors
All-Rite Wood Counter Doors are constructed with the same attention to detail as all other All-Rite products. With thicker wood slats, All-Rite Wood Counter Doors bring warmth, elegance and aesthetic appeal to any installation. We use only the finest vertical grain woods for these classic counters.

Rolling Grilles
All-Rite rolling grilles are manufactured with only the highest quality materials. Every grille is specifically designed to be installed efficiently and to operate up to 50,000 life cycles. Options include choice of finish and grille pattern. You can buy a cheaper grille, but you can’t buy a better grille.

Side Coiling Closures
When unusual design — such as restricted head room or curved walls — prevents the use of conventional vertical rolling doors and grilles, All-Rite’s side coiling closure provide an excellent solution. Our side coiling closure can be used in either exterior or interior openings and can be constructed in slat, wood or grille curtains.

For further details please call us directly at (905) 840-4848 or Toll Free: (888) 704-7409 , the various brochures will be posted soon.

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