Dock Leveler

Dock Leveler

All-Rite offers a wide range of dock leveler capacities, deck sizes, deck constructions and both hydraulic and mechanical operation to suit virtually any material handling application, in any environment. Mechanical dock levelers are spring biased upwards and incorporate a hold down mechanism, while hydraulic levelers are powered by an electro-hydraulic system.

All of our dock levelers are designed provide superior product value through prolonged, trouble-free performance. The latest dock leveler design features ensure smooth operations.

Regardless of your material handling application the most economical and durable solution is an All-Rite dock leveler.

  • Mechanical Dock Leveler

    The Series “A” Model “M” Mechanical Dock leveler is an excellent value. Features include a heavy duty I-Beam — no manual lifting required. To operate, pull the release chain. The heavy duty lift springs do the work. The deck is driven up and the lip is smoothly powered out to the locked position. Simply walk the deck down onto the truck bed and begin loading. On truck departure, the lip automatically releases and lowers allowing the unit to be returned to the cross traffic position. Standard capacities available from 30,000lb to 50,000lb (13,636 to 22,727 kg).

  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler

    The “A” Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler features a heavy duty I-Beam — all controls are conveniently located in one remote wall mounted push button station. Independent deck and lip controls mean quicker cycling times and greater efficiency of your loading /unloading operations. Standard capacities available from 30,000lb to 80,000lb (13,640kg to 36,370kg).

  • Vertical Dock Leveler

    All-Rite introduces the “VS” Series Vertical Storing Dock Leveler. This unit saves energy costs and reduces spillage by allowing truck doors to be opened once the truck is parked. Overhead door closes flush on pit floor for added energy savings. The VS Series is installed in a shallow continuous pit and includes a “controlled lowering” hydraulic system — individual buttons for up, lip out, down and reset. Dock attendant must push and hold button to lower unit, Standard capacities available in 30,000lb and 35,000lb (13,640kg and 15,910kg).

  • Edge-of-Dock Dock Leveler

    Edge of dock levelers are limited to servicing trucks with bed heights that are within 5″ (125mm) of the dock height. The MDX is suited to applications where minimal deployment effort is desirable.

  • Hydraulic Conversion Kit

    Our hydraulic conversion kit is an economical alternative to replacing your complete mechanical dock leveler. The conversion kits enable you to have the benefits of a hydraulic dock leveler and will reduce your maintenance costs and down time.

  • Hydraulic/Mechanical Hold-Down

    The new hydraulic hold-down system has a unique built-in pressure relief valve to allow the dock leveler to float in both directions with the trailer. It is easy to install and maintain and does not require electrical power hook up.

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