Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers

Each dock must be equipped with a form of dock bumper to protect the building from vehicle impact damage. Keep in mind that an approaching vehicle can generate up to 300,000 lbs. of impact force. Several styles of bumper are available to suit application requirements.

For typical level approach applications, bumper projection should be specified at not less than 4″. For recessed docks or special applications, additional projection or build-out boxes may be required.

The two most common styles are molded rubber bumpers and laminated rubber bumpers.

Molded Bumpers – Fabric reinforced masticated rubber, shaped with lag bolt holes

Laminated Bumpers – Fabric reinforced rubber pads, laminated and secured between steel angles

Loading dock bumpers that are damaged, missing, or misapplied can result in trailer collisions with your building, causing costly structural damage.

All-Rite’s complete line of the high quality, heavy duty rubber, laminated, and molded dock bumpers & bumper risers can address all of your particular needs and architectural specifications.

Our dock bumpers are weather-resistant, easily installed and long-lasting to protect dock equipment, building wall, and truck cargo from potential damage.

All-Rite dock bumpers are an excellent alternative to easily splintered, non-resilient, short-lived wood bumpers.

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